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Apparent extent is pleased to present the debut full-length LP by the new electronic performance duo Weisser Westen.
Weisser Westen consists of düsseldorf-based painter and lyricist Angela Fette and composer/multimedia artist Phillip Schulze.
Translated literally as “white west,” Weisser Westen is german and english lyrics over heavy psycho-acoustic techno and abstract ambient sound. The album comes in exquisite sounding double vinyl in gatefold cover (plus audio-cd and poster). Play loudly.

2 LP (Black Vinyl) Gatefold Cover + CD +
Poster / Lyrics / Manifesto
Limited Edition of 100 x Double White Vinyl *

01 Kinder der Evolution / Children of Evolution (08:17)
02 Die Würfel / The Dice (06:45)
03 Leviathan / Leviathan (08:27)
04 Matrosenlied / Sailors (06:07)
05 Tempelhof / Tempelhof (08:37)
06 Mutterschiff / Mothership (03:20)
07 Species / Species (02:50)
08 Galeere / Galley (14:12)

Total Time (58:40)

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Ein höchst denkwürdiges Album im Gatefold-Sleeve mit abstrakten Soundwelten aus der Tiefe der Elektronik, merkwürdigen elektroclashartigen Ausflügen und vor allem, darauf kommt es hier an, recht eigenwilligem Sprechgesang, der jeden Track beherrscht mit seiner etwas spröden sehr künstlichen Art nicht nur in der Form der Gedichte, sondern auch der Stimme.
Manchmal erinnert mich das an frühe NDW-Eskapaden in die wilde Welt der vollkommenen Unbestimmtheit (sagen wir mal Holger Hiller nach intensivem Lyrikstudium etc.), manchmal ist es aber auch einfach nur höchst amüsant in dem ständigen Abgleiten in die Absurdität der eigenen Zusammenhänge. Alles in allem ein ziemliches Ausnahmeding diese Platte, die den schmalen Grad zwischen willkommener Wiederbelebung vergessener Qualitäten, eigenwilligster Stimmen und leicht nervig beharrender Kunstvorstellung ganz gut meistert. Ja. Düsseldorf.
Bleed / Sascha Kösch

Highly recommended is studying the website [...] and check the manifesto by Weisser Westen (whiter west) from Germany, since that may shed some light on what this is. No expenses were spared on this: a double gate fold sleeve, booklet with text, CD with the complete music, and all of this by a band doing their debut album. Weisser Westen is a duo from Dusseldorf of Angela Fette and Phillip Schulze, the first responsible for lyrics and voice, the latter the musician (these things never seem vice versa, do they?), and both are inspired by 'classical avant-garde - embracing painting, costume design, poetry and performance art', not unlike Dada or Constructivism. [...] The whole thing is a beauty to see and the music is dark EBM/techno like and nice, but there is a great deal in its way; for me that is.


Die Tracks von Weisser Westen erinnern an schiebenden Detroit–Techno: unter einer kühlen Oberfläche schlägt ein tiefes warmes Herz.


A daring debut from Düsseldorf Duo, Weisser Westen (‘White West’), this eponymous double LP (and CD) drops a lifetime’s worth of oddly angled ideas into the same sack and wields threateningly. Like a savvier (and wordier) set of Lebowskian Nihilists, but decked out in white paper armour, the spiritual siblings Angela Fette and Phillip Schulze rather resemble those theatrical Swedish electro-popsters, The Knife, whose predilection for dramatic dress-up and Darwinian opera find resonance in the über-conceptual happenings here, if not a spitting image. Weisser Westen declare open allegiance to ‘avant-garde’ culture in its manifold historical forms (without naming names albeit), and their homepage houses an artistic manifesto that promotes (rather obliquely) ‘Art’ as a natural proclivity; as much I assume, to set themselves apart from would-be ‘kultur vultures’, as to justify their uncompromising sound. The music is rich in mannerisms both shocking and sublime, which work surprisingly well given how infrequently modern electronic music traffics in ‘surprise’. [...]
Stuart Marshall

Weisser Westen: Angela Fette, Phillip Schulze
Lyrics, Costumes, Objects:
Angela Fette
Music, Mixing, Programming, Light:
Phillip Schulze

Graphic Design:
Nicole Algieri
Markus J. Feger

© Copyright 2013 by the artists.

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